[plt-scheme] Installation problem with PLT Scheme

From: Arie van Wingerden (apwing at zonnet.nl)
Date: Tue Mar 16 02:11:05 EST 2004


especially try to shutdown ZoneAlarm before Installation. On more than one
occasion I found out that ZoneAlarm was "guilty" !

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> On Mar 15, jppurchase wrote:
> > When I double click on the file name, the installation starts, files get
> > copied and then I receive an error message which says:
> > [...]
> > This is a fresh install of Windows XP with all available updates from
> > Microsoft installed. I run Zone Alarm Professional 4, Popup Inspector
> > Spam Inspector. Norton Antivirus 2004 is installed and up to date.
> This is probably due to a bug that was not caught yet.  The best I can
> say is that you should try to see if there is any change when you play
> with the network -- try to re-install when you're connected to the web
> (or if you did, try when you're not connected).  You can also play
> with shutting the network services for the installation.
> In any case, if you do manage to install it, then please mail what you
> did that made it work.
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