[plt-scheme] Changes to SRFI 19

From: David Van Horn (dvanhorn at cs.uvm.edu)
Date: Sun Mar 14 17:11:51 EST 2004


Francisco Solsona and I have made some changes to the SRFI 19 
implementation in the cvs repository.  Since SRFI 19 defines names that 
conflict with primitives in the mzscheme language, two modules are 
provided:  srfi/19.ss provides the names as defined in the SRFI 
document, srfi/19/time.ss provides srfi: prefixed identifiers where 
clashes with mzscheme occur (eg. srfi:make-date, srfi:date?, etc). 
19.ss is meant to be used from the top-level to write portable programs, 
whereas time.ss is convenient to use when writing PLT modules.  This 
change makes SRFI 19 consistent with the way SRFI 1 is packaged.

Any comments are of course welcome.


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