[plt-scheme] Standalone application and SGL

From: Norbert Lehmann (Norbert.Lehmann at unifr.ch)
Date: Sun Mar 14 15:24:18 EST 2004


I am trying to build a standalone application for a program which uses
SGL (OpenGL bindings for Scheme). Executing the application on Macintosh
and on Windows XP inside DrScheme 205 works well, everything starts up.
However, if I want to create a standalone application using the
"Create Executable..." menu item, I always get the following errors:

-> 1) Error on Macintosh
get-module-code: cannot use extension file; "/Volumes/MacOS 9/PROGRAMMING/SCHEME/PLT v205/collects/sgl/gl-vectors/compiled/native/ppc-macosx/...

-> 2) Error on Windows XP
get-module-code: cannot use extension file; "C:\\Program Files\\PLT\\collects\\sgl\\gl-vectors\\compiled\\native\\win32\\i386\\gl-double-vect...

Does this mean that there is no way to create a standalone application
if SGL is used ? Upgrading to DrScheme 206p1 didn't correct the problem.

Thanks very much

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