[plt-scheme] srfi-7 bug

From: Grzegorz Chrupała (grzegorz at pithekos.net)
Date: Mon Mar 8 09:43:59 EST 2004

Hi all,
The srfi-7 spec says:
(feature-cond <feature-cond clause>+)                                                                      
           The meaning of a FEATURE-COND clause is that of the
           <program-clause>s in the first <feature-cond   
           clause> whose <implementation-requirement> is satisfied by
           the implementation. If an ELSE clause is present it is used
           if and only if no preceding clause is satisfied;

The mzscheme implementation seems wrong (it runs the code in the else 
clause even if a preceding clause was satisfied):
[grzegorz at pithekos grzegorz]$ cat x
  (code (display "OK")
  (code (display "Won't be printed")
[grzegorz at pithekos grzegorz]$ mzscheme -L 7.ss srfi -r x
Won't be printed

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          1714020422))" -Eexit

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