[plt-scheme] Is today special

From: Jerzy Karczmarczuk (karczma at info.unicaen.fr)
Date: Wed Mar 3 04:34:25 EST 2004

Thank you folks for the explanation of:...

>>>Is today special or is this a random date? Why am I getting a special PLT
>>>picture on DRScheme's boot?
>>Happy Texas Independence Day!
>>  who now lives in a state that takes itself even more seriously, with
>>  fireworks on July 24 (state holiday) to rival those on July 4
>>  (national holiday)

When I saw this fabulous star, I thought (obviously) that this is another
symbol. The star should be red.

The lambda is a graphically poor way of representing hammer and sickle.

I thought that perhaps somebody mixed-up the dates, and it was some
Red October date, e.g. November 7.

Now I see that it is Texas. Aha. They use lambdas instead of hammers and
sickles. Good, it seems to be less bug-prone.

Jerzy Karczmarczuk
Vive la Normandie Libre!

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