[plt-scheme] Question about calendar in scheme (plt)

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu Jun 24 11:53:14 EDT 2004

On Jun 24, Rohan Nicholls wrote:
> Anyone have any ideas?  I have had a reality check recently on my
> programming abilities (and time available) so could anyone give me
> an idea on how difficult this might be? and ways to go about
> starting?  Projects that might already have implemented parts of
> what I want to do?

I don't have anything concrete, but I did play with the idea for a
while, and it looks like you should base things around some CSV format
since this seems to be popular enough to allow you to connect to
existing applications.  (I think that there was some CVS code posted a
short while ago...  Found it: http://www.neilvandyke.org/csv-scm/)

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