[plt-scheme] string properties

From: ifconfig nslookup [plt] (plt at ifconfig.homelinux.net)
Date: Sun Jun 20 19:05:55 EDT 2004

How about
(define-struct unreal-string (str secret))
and extending string-procedures to support it?
I know it's a bit (or a lot) more work, but I believe it's more
straight-forward, because it actually puts your secret data inside the
Of course, if you're not going to use it hard-core, hash tables would be
more appropriate.


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> I'd like to secretly associate data with normal string values.
> The interface could be like this:
>     (set-string-property! STR VALUE)  -->  #<void>
>     (string-property      STR)        -->  VALUE
> Or like this:
>     (make-string-property NAME)                -->  STR-PROP
>     (set-string-property! STR STR-PROP VALUE)  -->  #<void>
>     (string-property      STR STR-PROP)        -->  VALUE
> For my current application, it would be OK if the property 
> value applied
> to all strings "equal?" rather than "eq?".
> I'm thinking a PLT hash table with weakly-held keys, mapping 
> strings to
> values, would work for this purpose.
> Is there a better way?

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