[plt-scheme] re: getting sysadmins to install DrScheme

From: ian barland (shy exhibitionist) (ian at cs.rice.edu)
Date: Sun Jun 20 10:43:19 EDT 2004

Hi Prabhakar --

>  I still have the problem that when running setup-plt on both my local
> copy of DrScheme and on the sysadmin-installed copy, it fails late in
> the installation process while trying to compile .zos for the SSL
I once encountered a similar symptom.  The problem turned out to
be that the in the default shell setup for average users, our sysadmins
had set a too-small limit on the stack size for user processes
(via sh's "ulimit" or csh's "limit").
The solution in my case was adding a line to the install shell script,
   "ulimit -Sd unlimited"
which then let the install proceed.
(I think the limit was imposed on all new processes, so it didn't
help to just unlimit it in the shell I was running?  I forget.)

Note that even after installing, users could still hit their stacklimit 
in their own drscheme sessions (or any program, for that matter).
But for the intro programming course I was teaching, it wasn't
ever a problem.  (Though I suddenly wonder -- perhaps, some students 
would write non-tail infinite loops, have drscheme mysteriously killed
by the shell, and then grumble as they re-started and debugged carefully??)

Maybe that'll help;

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