[plt-scheme] [ANN] Scheme API to Sedna XML database system

From: Maxim Grinev (maxim at grinev.net)
Date: Wed Jun 16 11:13:43 EDT 2004

Hi Noel,

we want to develop a Linux version of Senda but this work is not scheduled
yet. We would be happy to start porting Senda from Windows to Linux as soon
as we get encouraging feedback that someone really want to use Sedna on

Our Scheme API is greatly inspired by your work on SchemeQL. Thank you for
the inspiration!


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> --- Maxim Grinev <maxim at grinev.net> wrote:
> > Sedna is a XML database system that allows storing,
> > quering and updating XML documents.
> This seems very interesting.  The website states:
>   Software requirements: Windows NT/2000/XP.
> Is a Linux version planned?
> Noel
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