[plt-scheme] [ANN] Scheme API to Sedna XML database system

From: Maxim Grinev (maxim at grinev.net)
Date: Wed Jun 16 10:05:16 EDT 2004


the Scheme API to the Sedna XML Database system and its PLT-compatible
implementation is now avaliable as part of the Sedna distribution.

Visit the Sedna home page at

Via the API you can execute queries and updates (in XQuery and a declarative
updata language, respectively) and get the result in (1) XML or (2) SXML.
You can find the API specification in

Many thanks to Kirill Lisovsky for fruitful discussions concerning the
Scheme API.

About Sedna
Sedna is a XML database system that allows storing, quering and updating XML

- Available for free for commercial and non-commercial usage.
- Native XML DBMS implemented from scratch in C/C++ and Scheme
- Support for the W3C XQuery language (partial support for the latest
working drafts of 12 November 2003)
- Support for a declarative update language
- Native XML data storage structures designed for efficient support for both
queries and updates (no underlying relational or another DBMS). The XML data
storage is based on
descriptive schema (derived from data, also called DataGuide)
- Java API and Scheme API for application development
- Open client/server protocol over sockets that allows implementing APIs for
other programming languages
- Administration via easy-to-use command line utilities
- Supplied with extensive documentation including Quick Start

Any feedback is extremely welcome!

Maxim Grinev

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