[plt-scheme] IRC help channel

From: ifconfig nslookup (ifconfig at ifconfig.homelinux.net)
Date: Sun Jun 13 19:25:23 EDT 2004

Quite a short lifespan, isn't it? It has come to my knowledge that such
a channel exists on Freenode (irc.freenode.net), called #scheme.
So I'll use that instead. 


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> Most programming languages, like C, Assembly, Perl, Java, etc. have
> channels in the IRC network EFnet.
> I noticed that plt-scheme has no such channel (There is one called
> #scheme, but I couldn't get into it to see if it's any good because my
> address is appearantly blocked).
> I have chosen to rectify that situation, and created a 
> channel in EFnet,
> called #PLT. I would like to invite you all to that channel, 
> as another
> medium to help people like the mailing lists.
> List regulars are also invited to be ops in that channel.
> Hope we get enough users to actually manage to help people...
> Yours,
> ifconfig.

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