[plt-scheme] Access Violation on C++ Builder 5

From: RxQVW (rxqvw at yahoo.co.jp)
Date: Mon Jun 14 14:10:55 EDT 2004


I am striving to embed MzScheme to my C++ Builder 5 
application on Windows 2000.  I compiled MzScheme and GC 
library from source (v207).

But a simple console program (single-thread) as the following
doesn't work well, and access violation happens
at scheme_basic_env() function.
(Program tries to read address 0x00000004.)

#pragma hdrstop
#include "scheme.h"

int main(void)
    Scheme_Env* env = scheme_basic_env();
    return 0;

I traced into MzScheme source code with debugger
and found that the bad point is line 3691 of 
the file src/mzscheme/src/cstartup.inc .

What's wrong with my compilation or sources ?
Can I fix this problem easily ?
Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Chihiro Kuraya

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