[plt-scheme] Re: Code for Krishnamurthi's "Swine Before Perl"

From: Joe Marshall (prunesquallor at comcast.net)
Date: Thu Jun 10 20:18:18 EDT 2004

Shriram Krishnamurthi <sk at cs.brown.edu> writes:

>> If your point is that one will never be able to build a rich
>> language around a syntax that is not inherently s-expression based
>> -- I defer to your greater experience.
> I didn't say that, and I don't believe that.  

You *could* build a rich language around an infix syntax, but it is
not easy.  On the other hand, I can extend prefix syntax with little

> As I get older, I've begun to think kinder thoughts about infix.

I am getting less tolerant.  I get angry thinking back on the amount
of brain cells I've wasted on infix notation.

> That said, there's a nice quote (that I bet Joe Marshall can scare
> up in a moment's notice) in the Steele and Gabriel survey of Lisp
> that describes how and why languages come to look like Lisp.

I hope you didn't bet too much, I can't find anything that's exactly


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