[plt-scheme] Request for help with the book HTDP

From: claricebs at cpovo.net (claricebs at cpovo.net)
Date: Fri Jul 30 13:24:25 EDT 2004

Hi everybody,

I'm from Brasil and I started using Dr. Scheme about 2 months ago. I'd
like very much to join you at the discussion list as I'm feeling quite
alone here!

I've been working on "How to Design Programs" on my own and I've been
having troubles with exercises which deal with 2 successive natural
recursion as well as exercises which deal with the "convert" algorithm.
Specifically speaking I'd like to discuss exercises 2.2.4; 5.1.3; 9.5.5
(that use the convert algorithm); 11.2.3; 11.2.4 (which deal with 2
successive natural recursions) from the book "How to design programs"
can anyone give a hand on that?

Thanks in advance and hope hearing from you soon.


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