[plt-scheme] MzScheme incremental gc on windows unstable/not working?

From: join at krakendev.com (join at krakendev.com)
Date: Mon Jul 12 22:26:08 EDT 2004

Concerning my earlier post:
Peculiar pause with MzScheme

Ok, so I'm positive that it's the gc running causing the pause. I found this:
which seems to be exactly the issue I'm having,
and more importantly this:
The original author informed me that they had never got it working and
simply avoided consing wherever gc could be a problem...

First off, I'm not consing (to my knowledge) so what causes the incredible
delays (If I call scheme_collect_garbage() twice in a row both calls take
roughly 6-8 seconds). Is there a working windows example with the
incremental gc enabled? I'm getting increasingly comfortable with mzscheme
and anything that would circumvent this delay would be greatly
appreciated. Cheers (and sorry for the spam).

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