[plt-scheme] Memory problem on Mac OS

From: Connor Ferguson (psfreak at linkline.com)
Date: Mon Jan 5 11:41:35 EST 2004

Thank you John for your advice on memory and OSX.

I am mystified as to why an application that suggests a memory partition of
just 497k (!) in the Mac memory control panel window would need a partition
set to thousands of times this setting. Why on Earth would DrScheme suggest
497k as the preferred setting? Is that a little programmer joke? I felt like
I was already possibly overloading it with my 31000k boost based on the
suggested starting point!

Unfortunately, OSX is not an option just now. But I will upgrade as soon as


on 1/5/04 7:08 AM, John Clements at clements at brinckerhoff.org wrote:

> On Jan 4, 2004, at 7:08 PM, Connor Ferguson wrote:

>> I was executing the program tie-dyed from section 11.3.2 of HTDP and I
>> received an error message in a new window that said "Out of Memory!"
>> and
>> gave one button option, Quit.
>> I am working on a Mac G4 running Mac OS 9.2.2 with version 204 of
>> DrScheme.
>> I have allocated 31000k to the application and my RAM is 512 MB.
> DrScheme uses great galloping buckets of memory.  I would advise you,
> for a machine with 512 MB and running OS 9, to set DrScheme's memory
> partition to between 150 and 350 megabytes (150000 to 350000).
> Also: This probably isn't what you want to hear, but I believe DrScheme
> will be happier and more stable running under OS X.  Under OS X, for
> instance, you will never again have to set memory allocations for any
> application, ever.
> As additional incentive, we no longer actively support the OS 9
> platform, so it's difficult for us to help users that have problems
> with this version of DrScheme.
> I agree that the situation you describe is near-intolerable, and I
> sympathize with your problem.
> Thanks for using drscheme!
> john clements


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