[plt-scheme] load inside a module

From: Ron Stanonik (stanonik at Cogsci.ucsd.edu)
Date: Sat Feb 28 12:58:59 EST 2004

I want to keep some configuration information in a file.
For example, config.ss might contain

  (set! name "ron")

Then I'd like a module to load that configuration information.
For example

  (module m mzscheme
    (let ((name #f))
      (load "config.ss")
      (printf "hi ~a~%" name)))

load evals outside of the module (outside of the module's namespace?),
so name isn't set! inside of the module.  I'm guessing I need to do
something which causes the load to eval inside of the module's namespace,
but what?


stanonik at cogsci.ucsd.edu

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