[plt-scheme] event binding help

From: Bruce Hauman (bhauman at cs.wcu.edu)
Date: Sat Feb 28 08:09:48 EST 2004

briand at aracnet.com wrote:

 > A simple outline of the approach which would work best with mzscheme
 > would be most helpful.

Maybe some more information would be helpful.  I am assuming the line 
drawing routine you are refering to is reacting to mouse input to draw 
the line.

If you are drawing on a canvas% I believe you would be interested in the 
on-event method, which is invoked when mouse events occur. You can have 
on-event forward its events to a mutable method which you can mutate 
with the button press callback/event.

I can describe this process in more detail if you think I am on the 
right track.

Bruce Hauman

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