[plt-scheme] HTML escaping questions

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Mon Feb 23 17:47:10 EST 2004

Look at my home page. You will see two pictures that flip back and 
forth. I
just read XML code like this from a file (a macro that Matthew started 
I adapted) as if it were in an XML box in DrScheme:

  <SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
    overimage=new Image
    outimage=new Image

<a href="#"
   <img name="image" alt="MF" src="Images/donq.gif" width="180" 
border="0" />

-- Matthias

On Feb 23, 2004, at 5:34 PM, ifconfig wrote:

> For your javascript problem, with XML, you would have to use <![CDATA[ 
> - unescaped string - ]]> for it to be correct. I wonder if there is a 
> scheme equivalent (cdata str) or some such.
> ifconfig
> http://bagos.sourceforge.net
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>  From: Terrence Brannon
> To: PLT Scheme
> Sent: Monday, February 23, 2004 11:26 PM
> Subject: [plt-scheme] HTML escaping questions
> Thanks to Dougo, I got the XML library loaded. I have a coupla 
> questions:
> 1/ Given these two values for text and banner:
> (define text "pretty & red")
> (define banner "\"here is the banner\"")
> (empty-tag-shorthand html-empty-tags)
> (write-xml/content (xexpr->xml `(html (head (title ,banner))
>                       (body ((bgcolor "white"))
>                         ,text)))
> The ampersand is converted to an XML entity but the quotation marks 
> are not
> 2/ I have some files of javascript that I need to place in a website. 
> How do I create an X-expr that does not atttempt any HTML escaping on 
> its input string?

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