[plt-scheme] Standard output from C extensions

From: sajiimori (sajiimori at hotmail.com)
Date: Sun Feb 22 23:21:25 EST 2004

Hi everybody,

First off I'd like to thank PLT for producing what is possibly the best free
software I've ever seen.  You've changed the way I think about open-source
software, and even programming in general.

I'm making a MzScheme extension in C.  It doesn't use any scheme functions,
and I have a seperate .scm file that uses c-lambda to provide hooks, then I
compile them together to produce a DLL.  It's working ok, but standard
output (via the C library) only displays when I run MzScheme directly -- not
in DrScheme.

Can I get standard output to appear in DrScheme's interactions window
(preferably without adding MzScheme-specific code to the C file)?

Thanks in advance,
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