[plt-scheme] exe which uses C extension

From: Alex Ott (ott at jet.msk.su)
Date: Tue Feb 10 03:57:03 EST 2004

>>>>> "RS" == Ron Stanonik writes:
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 RS> I'm trying to create an executable (mzc --exe) which uses a C extension.

 RS> If I start mzscheme and (load-extension "hello.so"), then I can (hello).
 RS> But if I compile the following, I get an error.
 RS>   ;arf.ss
 RS>   (module arf mzscheme
 RS>     (load-extension "hello.so")
 RS>     (hello))

rename hello.c in hellomod.c, then compile and put .so in
compiled/native/i386-linux/ and then use as

 (module arf mzscheme

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