[plt-scheme] Strange behaviour when loading modules

From: Tim Brown (tim.brown at cityc.co.uk)
Date: Fri Feb 6 06:43:26 EST 2004

It seems that libswigmz.so, the library which allows definitions to be
split across modules defines its own scheme_initialize, scheme_reload
and scheme_module_name. This is causing some kind of contention within
the linker that I have not got my brain around yet :-(

I'll raise a bug with SWIG.


Tim Brown wrote:
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> Folks,
> I wonder if anyone has seen something like this before.
> I have 2 extension modules (written with SWIG), which use what I
> understand to be a fairly common approach to module extensions:
 > [... and to cut to the chase ...]
 > [It doesn't work]
> Tim

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