[plt-scheme] Installation problems on Windows 2000

From: Peter Lane (p.c.lane at herts.ac.uk)
Date: Wed Feb 4 09:12:21 EST 2004


We are using DrScheme in one of our courses, and one of my students has hit a 
problem installing version 205 on Windows 2000.  It seems the installer is 
setting up MrEd and MzScheme, but not DrScheme itself.  He has repeated this 
process several times now.

Is there any known problem with Windows 2000.  I, and other students, have 
never had any difficulty with the windows installer on 98, ME or XP, which 
makes this doubly puzzling.  Any help/suggestions would be gratefully 
received.  (Unfortunately, I don't have direct physical access to the 

	thanks in advance,


Below is my student's description of the problem:

It seems that installation of this software in my computer is near to 
impossible on this way.
Yesterday I tried to install the software using internet explorer. Here what 
- I clicked on the website that you recommended
- Saved the file on the desktop under (plt-205-bin-i386-win32), it took me 
15-20 min to finish with this application
- I double clicked on the saved program on the desktop for installation
- The software was ready for installation (on the blue screen of DrScheme). 
On the middle of the process I created .oz files
- Then a blank screen of MS-DOS prompt appeared and disappeared within a 
second! as if something was supposed to be copied to that screen was failed 
due to some error or something missing
- Then again I had the blue screen and it gave me a message, indicating that 
the installation was complete
- When I went back to the start menu, programs, PLT Scheme, again the 
DrScheme file,Help desk and uninstall files were unknown!

The specifications of my computer is this:
- Speed: 2.6 GHz
- Hard disk: 40 GB
- RAM: 512

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