[plt-scheme] PLaneT in v299?

From: Daniel Pinto de Mello e Silva (daniel.silva at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Dec 16 01:43:10 EST 2004

On 15 Dec 2004 22:18:52 -0800, Ian Zimmerman <itz at buug.org> wrote:
> Doug> Is it my imagination or is PLaneT missing from the (exp-tagged)
> Doug> v299 source tree?
> Sorry for hijacking the thread, but what _is_ PLaneT?

It's a scheme library repository and built-in package manager.  With
local packages, you say:
  (require (lib "some-module.ss" "some-library"))

with PLaneT packages (packages stored in the PLaneT.plt-scheme.org
repository), you say:
  (require (planet "some-module.ss" ("some-author" "some-library.plt"
major-version minor-version))

and when you run your program, it will automatically download and
install the right version of the library and its dependencies for you.
 It's closer to Rox ZeroInstall than to apt + Perl's CPAN.


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