[plt-scheme] Interacting w/ MzScheme

From: Jim Blandy (jimb at redhat.com)
Date: Tue Dec 14 11:55:27 EST 2004

Matthias Felleisen <matthias at ccs.neu.edu> writes:
> - incremental search,
>    done if you know the keystrokes
>    not as lightweight as emacs

Wait.  If the search does not take place as you type characters into
the search string, then it's not incremental.  That's the whole
meaning of the term.

This has nothing to do with keyboard shortcuts.  Even if you had to
use a mouse gesture to get things started, it would still be

(I've downloaded and built the latest DrScheme, and I didn't see the
behavior I describe, following the instructions Robby posted.  Am I
missing something?)

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