[plt-scheme] Interacting w/ MzScheme

From: Bradd W. Szonye (bradd+plt at szonye.com)
Date: Fri Dec 10 11:53:59 EST 2004

Matthias Felleisen wrote:
>> Okay, I am not interested in random statements like "I like my Emacs
>> better." So do I. I know that DrScheme isn't Emacs. Something like "I
>> miss tagging" or "I miss a cvs mode" or "I miss a spell checker" is
>> useful.

Don Blaheta wrote:
> As a general comment, I find it really frustrating that so many IDEs
> (DrScheme included) all feel the need to write their own editors.  The
> best of them just end up doing their best to be a pale imitation of
> emacs.  And all of them leave vi users completely out in the cold.
> I'd much rather see an IDE that, instead of putting effort into
> reinventing the wheel, would spend that effort on a really smooth
> integration with vim and emacs.

Agreed. The main reason I don't use IDEs is that it's just not
worthwhile to use different editors for one programming language vs
everything else. Unless the IDE lets me use Vim, or it's good enough and
general enough to replace Vim, I'm not going to switch. The same goes
for mail agents, newsreaders, etc. I use Mutt and Slrn because they
don't force me to adopt some quirky in-house editor; I get to use the
same editor I use for all my other typing.

So the feature I miss most is "my favorite editor," and the solution is
to support or replace that editor. Without that, IDEs are only useful to
me as clunky debuggers.
Bradd W. Szonye

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