[plt-scheme] CPS and state machines

From: Joel Reymont (joelr at well.com)
Date: Mon Dec 6 08:48:46 EST 2004

> Jens Axel Søgaard wrote:
>You might find Shriram's "The Swine before the Perl" fun to read -
>although it doesn't answer your question.

Yep, liked it alot. The thing is that I need to execute certain actions
upon transitioning to a new state. I guess I could add actions to each
state in the example but I thought it would be more elegant with

>I'll second Neil's advice to write a simple working implementation
>first, and then worry about speed later - if you need it at all.

I sort of stopped worrying about speed for now but I do need to pick a
state machine architecture. I think that CPS is very fitting.

    Thanks, Joel

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