[plt-scheme] Poker server in scheme

From: Joel Reymont (joelr at well.com)
Date: Sat Dec 4 09:47:35 EST 2004


>Unless this is an immersive 3D first-person-shooter flavor of poker,
>I think RakNet and binary protocols might be complicating your life

This is sort of an immersive 3D fps flavor of poker. Which is to say that
this is a commercial-grade app that has to support >1000 users per server. 

The current version is written in Delphi and uses TCP and this presents a
whole bunch of problems with keeping the sockets open, handling
disconnects, etc.

Assuming that I indeed wanted to use RakNet and a binary protocol (or
just forget RakNet and assume my network code is in C) would you have any
input on my other questions?

    Thanks, Joel

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