[plt-scheme] RSS Syndicator Website fixed

From: ctest at neural.dlsemc.com (ctest at neural.dlsemc.com)
Date: Sat Aug 28 18:32:44 EDT 2004

Apologies to all.  I just noticed that the link to rss syndicator was
broken (composer issue).  It's fixed now, so anyone who tried to get 
it but couldn't. Come try again at:

Also, a development version of the upcomming 0.8 release is on the page, but
i've hit a bug in guibuilder and it is a bit broken at the moment. 
Guibuilder seems to rename the "scheme name" of several windows to top uppon
as "save file" operation.  So for those with a bit of paitence, 
download 0.8, and change the "scheme name" of the windows to the scheme names
indicated in the comments.  

Also, Also, I have a guibuider HOWTO/tutorial comming up that will expain
this stuff in more detail.  Look for it soon.


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