[plt-scheme] Re: New RSS Syndicator released

From: Mike Burns (netgeek at speakeasy.net)
Date: Thu Aug 26 20:37:38 EDT 2004

--- Mike Burns mumbled on 2004-08-26 13.37.23 -0400 ---
> --- ctest at neural.dlsemc.com mumbled on 2004-08-26 07.13.49 -0500 ---
> > I like your multiple version support.  Maybe we should combine them?
> Most absolutely. For your syndicator I'll need to write the RSS reader (I 
> only wrote the writer so far); this will be more complex than the writer 
> because of all the XML fun (namespaces, errors, etc). I'll look at what you 
> did, and at Schematic's schemerss, and finish this next week.

Ah, I was confused as to what your RSS Syndicator does---I thought it 
aggregated or displayed feeds. I now understand that it creates feeds. So, I 
apologize for hijacking your announcement.

The GUI looks very awesome and promising. Thank you for writing it.

Mike Burns netgeek at speakeasy.net http://mike-burns.com

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