[plt-scheme] Creating a plt file

From: Pedro Pinto (ppinto at cs.cmu.edu)
Date: Sun Aug 8 23:00:58 EDT 2004

Jacob Matthews wrote:

> Also, out of curiosity, is there any reason you're not using the 
> make-planet-archive function in (lib "util.ss" "planet") to build your 
> .plt file? 

The only reason is that I wanted to test the plt file before I submited 
it. I'de be happy to use make-planet-archive, but from your response and 
from all the planet packages I have seen, it seems that even with 
make-planet-archive, perhaps no compilation occurs upon installation. If 
this is correct, is this be design, and more importantly, since I need 
my files to be compiled,  should I include the compiled versions in my 


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