[plt-scheme] miscaellanous packaging problems with plt-scheme

From: Jamie Raymond <raymond@ccs.neu.edu> (jraymond at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Aug 6 12:12:35 EDT 2004

On Fri, 06 Aug 2004 11:14:51 +0200, Guillaume Rousse
<rousse at ccr.jussieu.fr> wrote:
> BTW, some kind of explicit segregation would even be better than a list
> changing at each release. The very name of the 'src' subdirectory, for
> instance, suggest it contains devel-only files. However, I'm confused by
> the fact it contains images, source and header files:
> /usr/lib/plt/collects/plot/src/fit/fit.c
> /usr/lib/plt/collects/plot/src/fit/fit.h
> /usr/lib/plt/collects/plot/src/fit/fit.o

I don't see the problem. plot/src/fit/fit.o is a generated file you
get when you build from
source.  We do not include it with either our released binary or source bundles.

> > (Don't know what this dependency information should be...)
> Actually, the error message is confusing:
> [guillaume at pomerol guillaume]$ ldd
> /usr/lib/plt/collects/plot/compiled/native/i386-linux/fit-low-level.so
>          statically linked
> Those .so file are statically linked, whereas they should not.

I'll check into this -- most likely I'll be able to change it.


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