[plt-scheme] MySql Library

From: Bruce Collins (bcollins at austarnet.com.au)
Date: Sun Aug 1 08:41:38 EDT 2004

Many thanks for the myslqclient compile
example for Windows. However a successful compile still
eludes. Could you tell me what "-D__LCC__" does?

Since my first post I have looked for other
efforts to interface mzscheme and mysql. The
following were all the I could uncover:

 1 SchemeQL
    Francisco Solsona, Noel Welsh & ..?
    Uses SrPersist and MyODBC
    Some documentation and examples available.

  2 Mysqlclient
    David Van Horn 2003
    A Scheme module that interfaces with mysqlclient.lib
    Uses and extends the PLT FFI

  3 DB.SS
    Noel Welsh  2002-2003
    A Scheme module
    Uses mysql.ss by Mike MacHenry

  4 MyS.c
    Elisa Manara  2003
    A MzScheme extension with only a few basic functions

Of the above I have installed and tested SchemeQL
successfully on a MySql DB. It is an interesting approach that blends
SQL into Scheme to create what seems, so far, an effective and
intuitive interface.
When I finally get Mysqlclient compiled it will be
interesting to compare its performance with SchemeQL's.

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