[plt-scheme] Interested in a Scheme-based Operating System?

From: Grant Miner (mine0057 at mrs.umn.edu)
Date: Thu Sep 25 11:28:26 EDT 2003

Okay, everyone who's interested go on over to the Wiki page!


and let's throw some ideas around.

Grantos is a free, experimental operating system / Linux distribution 
that aims to combine the best features of Plan 9, BeOS, Linux, and 
mac/windows. The goals are to demonstrate the power and flexibility of 
Scheme applications and have whatever should go into the filesystem in 
the filesystem (like Plan 9). One of the philosophies shared by Plan 
9/Namesys (company who produces Reiserfs) is the goal of a single 
namespace. This is similary to the Scheme programming language's design 
feature: a reduced number of the amount of primitives in a system. 
Reducing the number of primitives in a system makes the system simpler 
and more powerful. For example, in Plan 9, environment variables are 
mounted on the filesystem, meaning file systems calls can be used to 
access environment variables (eliminating the need those system calls). 
And in Scheme, for example, many complex programs can be built with 
lambdas, continuations, and lists. Reducing the number of primitives in 
Linux is part of our goal.

High level software is preferrably written in Scheme so that there is 
tight integration, it is a little bit easier for developers to pick up 
different projects, and the system and libraries are kept small. Scheme 
is the programming language of choice because of its features that are 
available in no other languages: regular syntax, continuations, macros, 
and tail calls. PLT-Scheme has an excellent module system and extensions 
to R5RS.

Linux has per-process namespaces since 2.5.2, and we will make full use 
of that feature, as well as filesystem unions once they are supported. 
We will use Reiser4 filesystem for its high performance and plugin 
system which will allow for advanced security, encryption, 
files-as-directories, and other features.

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