[plt-scheme] RE: Shared resources for servlets

From: Dor Kleiman (dor at ntr.co.il)
Date: Tue Sep 9 18:55:51 EDT 2003

Here's a quck draft (probably would need a bit of debugging, I have no DrScheme on this machine):

(module lock mzscheme
  (define read/write-object
      (define (read) 'todo)
      (define (write to-write) 'todo)))
  (define lockable-object
      (define reading 0)
      (define wrining? #f)
      (init-field obj)
      (define (open-read)
        (if writing?
            (begin (sleep) (open-read))
            (set! reading (+ reading 1))))
      (define (close-read)
        (set! reading (- reading 1)))
      (define (open-write)
        (if (or writing? (> reading 0))
            (begin (sleep) (open-write))
            (set! writing? #t)))

      (define (close-write)
        (set! writing? #f))
      (define (read)
        ; returns current value.
        ; Copies it first so it doesn't change when writing later on
        (let ([r (send obj read)])
      (define (write to-write)
        (send obj write to-write)
Now all you have to do is fill in (read) and (write to-write) in read/write-object.
(define lo (instantiate lockable-object () [obj 'insert-read/write-object-here]))
(send lo read)
(send lo write 'value)
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	Dor Kleiman wrote:
	> I'm not sure that would work.
	> Consider this:
	> 3 readers are reading. A writer comes and blocks. Then a reader comes
	> and joins in, blocking the writer even longer. This could block
	> indefinitely, which won't be very good, would it?
	Well, this is a simple model.  You point out that it has the problem
	that writers can be denied service indefinitely, if there is a sufficient
	volume of readers.  This is true.  One can devise a more complex
	model, such as one where (for example) a writer sends a request,
	and new readers are blocked until that request is satisfied.  But first,
	I just want to know how to implement the simple model!

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