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From: Dor Kleiman (dor at ntr.co.il)
Date: Tue Sep 9 12:52:32 EDT 2003

I believe you put stars around globals to differentiate between them and local variables.

I never believed in putting stars around things though. I never have local variables with real names though, so it's no problem to tell which is which.

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Joe> I disagree.  The reason `globals' are `global' is that they are
Joe> visible
Joe> to large amounts of code, and modifications to them can have
Joe> far-reaching
Joe> effects.
Joe> >
>> Can't a modification to a global variable *always* have far-reaching
Joe> effects?

Joe> Yes.  That's why you *always* put stars around them.
Joe> (What's the objection?)

But if there are *always* stars, you can just leave them out, can't
you, because they serve no real mnemonic purpose?  *I* don't have an
objection---*you* disagreed with me :-)

Cheers =8-} Mike
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