[plt-scheme] Re: is dynamic-require or namespace used here?

From: David Van Horn (dvanhorn at cs.uvm.edu)
Date: Sun Sep 7 17:47:48 EDT 2003

Ryan Jarvis wrote:
>>Then set PLTCOLLECTS to /local/mylib/collects/: or /local/reallib/collects/:
>>depending on which library you want to test (the ":" is needed if you want to
> How do I set PLTCOLLECTS?  I can only find
> (current-library-collection-paths) in the Helpdesk.

Sorry, I meant to say "set the environment variable PLTCOLLECTS".  How to do
this will depend on your system.


(C shell)
setenv PLTCOLLECTS /local/mylib/collects/:
(Bourne shell)
set PLTCOLLECTS=/local/mylib/collects/:
set PLTCOLLECTS=c:\mylib\collects;

You can check the value of the variable with:


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