[plt-scheme] requiring .plt files without installation?

From: Ryan Jarvis (rjarvis at WPI.EDU)
Date: Thu Sep 4 19:43:48 EDT 2003

> Meanwhile, ere's a .plt that should work for you:
>   http://www.cs.utah.edu/~mflatt/tmp/sgl-205.src.notplthome.plt

Ok, so after I got my code working with SGL in windows, I sat down at a
unix machine and ran drscheme through there.  I opened up my program and
when I tried to execute it,  I got the message that it couldn't find the
sgl library in either the master plt collects folder or my
/home/rjarvis/.plt-scheme/205/collects folder.  That was understandable.

Then I downloaded the above plt file.  I put it in the same directory as
my program and from a terminal I ran
/usr/local/plt/bin/setup-plt sgl-205.src.notplthome.plt
Lots of things scrolled by and then it finished saying
setup-plt: Done setting up

Now when I open up drscheme in and try to execute my sgl program I get the
following error:

load-extension: couldn't open
linux/gl-prims.so: undefined symbol: glGetError)


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