[plt-scheme] can't start web server under mzscheme v205 -- help?

From: Benjamin Simon (ben at amazingmedia.com)
Date: Tue Sep 2 13:48:51 EDT 2003


I've upgraded to mzscheme v205 (on Linux, built from source), and now,
for some un-explainable reason I can't start the web server.  I can do:

| (require (lib "web-server.ss" "web-server"))
| (require (lib "configuration.ss" "web-server"))
| (define *config-path* 
|   "/home/ben/projects/working/scheme/plt-web-server/config-table")
| (serve (load-configuration *config-path*))))

which causes the server to start just fine. However, if I do:

   /home/ben/util-linux/plt/bin/web-server-text -f config-table
   /home/ben/util-linux/plt/bin/mzscheme -qmvL- launch.ss web-server

The command runs, doesn't given any error output, but doesn't start the
web server either. (not in the foreground or the background).

Running this command under strace doesn't show any issues either.

It almost appears to kick things off, but then when the main thread
exits, the web server exits (that's my theory - though I'm grasping at
straws at this point).

Any tips about what could be going on?  Keeping in mind that it may just
be a coincidence that I just upgraded to v205.  I guess I'll try rolling
back to v204 and see if that fixes things.


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