[plt-scheme] DrScheme and sound. Perhaps somebody did it.

From: Dominique Boucher (dboucher at nuecho.com)
Date: Thu Oct 16 09:55:37 EDT 2003


For a portable sound API that lets you play sounds directly from
in-memory buffers (not from files), I would recommend the following
open-source libraries:

	http://www.openal.org         (OpenAL)
	http://alleg.sourceforge.net  (Allegro)

The former is a 3D audio library that is supposed to be portable across
Linux, Windows, and MacOSX systems. The latter is a complete gaming
library, with some basic support for streaming audio. I once managed to
get Allegro working from MzScheme under both Linux and Windows 2000. It
was very simple to use and interface with the Scheme<->C FFI.

Hope this helps!

Dominique Boucher

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