[plt-scheme] Incremental compilation

From: kirk.miller at phoenix.gov (kirk.miller at phoenix.gov)
Date: Fri Oct 10 20:11:04 EDT 2003

        I keep reading about how dynamic redefinition of functions (which 
I understand
is often mischaracterized as "incremental compilation") is a big benefit 
of lisp and scheme,
increases productivity,etc, but I cannot find any examples or how-to 
documents anywhere.
I am trying to find out how to do this in PLT.

I need to interact via keyboard/mouse with my running program in a window 
and still be able to redefine a function and have it take
effect as soon as I hit "enter" in DrScheme. Can this be done (easily)? 
Do I have to have a thread for my "main" program and another for a REPL?

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