[plt-scheme] sgl meets the OpenGL spec?

From: Scott A Owens (sowens at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Wed Oct 8 17:25:11 EDT 2003

On Wednesday 08 October 2003 02:31 pm, Ryan Jarvis wrote:
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> Thanks for your prompt reply.
> (require (lib "gl-unsafe.ss" "sgl"))
> gives me the error
> dynamic-require: name is not provided: gledgeflagpointer by module:
> |,C:\PROGA~1\plt\collects\sgl\gl-prims|
> I am not sure what that means but gl-unsafe.ss requires
> gl-wrapper-helper.ss.  When I look in gl-wrapper-helper.ss it has a line
> at the top that says
> (define path '(lib "gl-prims.ss" "sgl"))
> I did a search and there is no gl-prims.ss anywhere on my computer, least
> of all in the sgl folder.  There is a gl-prims.c and gl-prims-unsafe.c but
> that's it.

This is indeed spooky, but not the problem.  mzscheme looks for a compiled 
version of gl-prims (.zo or .so) before looking for the .ss version.  The 
compiled version (gl-prims.so) is generated from gl-prims.c.

I fixed the problem - gl-unsafe.ss was trying to get its primitives from 
gl-prims instead of gl-prims-unsafe - and exp tagged it, so if you're using 
the CVS version you should be fine.  Otherwise you'll have to wait for the 
package to be recompiled and put on the web page, which I suspect will happen 


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