[plt-scheme] sgl meets the OpenGL spec?

From: Scott Owens (sowens at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Wed Oct 8 15:08:02 EDT 2003

SGL provides all of the OpenGL 1.3 functions in one way or another.

First a little background from the documentation:

sgl takes a two layered approach.  The gl and gl-unsafe libraries
provide access to the C-language style GL API.  The sgl library provides
access to the GL API through a more Scheme-like interface, that should
be more convenient to use than the C-style bindings.

The general Get functions currently reside in the gl-unsafe module.  
This means you can call the functions, but if called incorrectly, the 
program could become corrupted or crash.  There is no technical reason 
why the Get functions have to be in unsafe.  I just ran out of time to 
implement the (rather elaborate) safety checks needed to move them into 
safe and from there into the Scheme interface.


On Wednesday, October 8, 2003, at 12:40  PM, Ryan Jarvis wrote:

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> Does SGL meet the OpenGL spec?  I am trying to find a command for 
> glGet,
> which should allow me to return various values from within the pipeline
> and I can't find it. There are a few commands in gl.ss that return
> strings, light or material data but I need to return the current matrix
> used in a matrix mode and there is supposed to be a command glGet.   I
> thought that command was from OpenGL 1.1...?
> TIA.
> -Ryan

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