[plt-scheme] FP noise

From: Matt (mcj4 at kent.ac.uk)
Date: Fri Nov 28 08:08:46 EST 2003

  | This is just the usual floating point noise, right?
  | G. L. Steele Jr. and J. L. White. How to print floating-point numbers
  | accurately . In Proceedings of the ACM SIGPLAN '90 Conference on
  | Programming Language Design and Implementation, pages 112--126, White
  | Plains, New York, June 1990

  | and when you do inexact arithmetic your computer lies. DrScheme warns
  | you with #i that things are going bad .. most languages just lie.

Sorry about that; it was the usual fp noise, and me forgetting how Scheme
handled floating point numbers. More precisely, it was me forgetting, and
then me not thinking.


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