[plt-scheme] audio processing and music generation

From: John Clements (clements at brinckerhoff.org)
Date: Wed Nov 26 15:54:44 EST 2003

On Nov 26, 2003, at 3:28 PM, Neil W. Van Dyke wrote:

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> Is anyone doing audio processing and/or music generation with PLT 
> Scheme
> recently?
> A non-programmer wants to implement a couple ideas that involve DSP to
> extract features of music audio signals, and (separately) generation of
> music and non-music audio.
> She's willing to learn a little programming (in Java or perhaps 
> Scheme),
> but she'll need pre-written reliable libraries for audio/music.
> The required libraries can be particular to Mac OS X or GNU/Linux, but
> ideally her programs would work on both platforms.
> Ideas?  Or, if there are portable C libraries you'd recommend strongly,
> I might be able to write the PLT bindings myself.

the libsndfile collection for PLT Scheme provides bindings for the 
libsndfile library, which can be used to read & write audio files of 
most flavors (excluding .mp3's, for copyright reasons).

This bundle is currently available at 
http://www.ccs.neu.edu/home/clements/download/.  It may require minor 
tweaking; I don't think there's a reliable mechanism for locating the 
libsndfile library, for example.  However, I'd be glad to help get it 

hope this helps,


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