[plt-scheme] Re: CAPI, LISP and "functional programming"

From: Espen Vestre (ev at netfonds.no)
Date: Mon Nov 24 06:38:48 EST 2003

Guenther Schmidt <gue.schmidt at web.de> writes:

> But I feel I am *going* to Scheme! I have recently been a bit
> frustated that I had to hack so much code for the GUI alone, and
> rather little instead for the backend stuff. I've been unable to come
> up with recycable or generalized code for it and it's pretty much all
> imperative. 

I guess GUI programming is always going to involve getting your
hands a bit dirty, but after gaining some experience, you _will_
be able to reuse your code, by using an appropriate object-oriented
coding style.

> BTW The GUI you have created for PrimeTrader realy puts me in awe.

thanks :-)

It might be encouraging for you to know that all the windows you see


inherit from a common subclass, and both the win/lose windows (upper
right), the "MBP" (order book) window partly hidden by the order form,
the Order Status windows (also beneath the order form) and two
additional window types, are all implemented as subclasses of the
interface that defines the main "Price Info" window. The linecount for
the code for these windows is in the range 250 - 800 lines for each
window type - i.e. most of the code they use, they inherit.

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