[plt-scheme] Where is macroexpand in PLT Scheme?

From: Dor Kleiman (dor at ntr.co.il)
Date: Wed Nov 12 07:38:22 EST 2003

The expander expands code in the editor. Its source is kept in a variable that is part of the editor. That variable is probably what is defined in colorer.ss

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> >> It seems odd that it always shows up as
> colorer.ss or
> >> #f. Maybe it is getting confused somewhere and is
> >> using the filename of the last editor object that
> was
> >> used (in this case, the syntax colorer?)?
> >
> > No DrScheme's got it right, I think. All of your
> source is either some
> > unknown place or the definitions window.
> I think it confuses some folks that references to
> the definitions 
> window contain the letters "colorer.ss".

It definitely confuses me.

> If (like I was) you are confused, here's what's
> going on:
> MzScheme provides a powerful 'mixin' facility; at
> runtime, a mixin 
> applied to a class yields a class.  This facility is
> used widely to 
> extend DrScheme's functionality.  That is, to extend
> the 'DrScheme 
> definitions text% class', you supply a mixin that
> can be composed with 
> that class.  Instances of the resulting class are
> assigned the source 
> position of the last applied mixin.
> So, references to the definitions-text% show up as
> strings containing a 
> reference to the file containing the last-mixed-in
> tool.

But, isn't the expander confusing (I was about to say
"mixing up", but I limit myself to one bad pun a day)
an editor mixin with application code? The expander is
supposed to be expanding application code, not editor
code. Why is it showing the source file location for a
mixin that has modified the editor tool?

> FWIW, for a long time the stepper was the
> last-mixed-in tool.  This led 
> to lots of finger-pointing from the uninitiated.

At least I'm not the only person who has been confused
by this ;-).

Bill Clementson

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