[plt-scheme] Re: Help Desk

From: Jim Witte (jswitte at bloomington.in.us)
Date: Tue Nov 11 13:42:58 EST 2003

   What annoys me with the current internal help desk, aside from the 
"Getting data from server" message (I'm not on-line, there is no server 
other than the internal httpd process), is that I remember back two or 
three versions of PLT scheme when there was an internal browser that 
was at least twice as fast as the current one (I'm running the MacOSX 
build on an 800 mhz G3 now, I was running on a 300 or 400 mhz g3 then I 

   I actually *didn't* like the external, JS-enabled (I think) browser - 
it seemed slower than both the old internal browser and the current 
internal browser - a lot of that was because the speed of the JS was 
dependent on the web browser implementation.


>>> internal help desk is quite annoying, especially
>>> that message box of 'getting data from server'
>> There was a lot of discussion on this at the time.
>> IIRC working with an external browser was hard to get
>> right over all browsers and platforms that PLT
>> supported.  It was decided the energy would be better
>> spent elsewhere and so the external browser was
>> abandoned.  If you don't like it I look forward to
>> your XPCOM binding (the component system used in
>> Mozilla; Python and Ruby have bindings).  And yes, I
>> really do mean that -- being able to use the Mozilla
>> rendering engine and widget set would be really good
>> IMHO.

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