[plt-scheme] Lambda in a list

From: Patricio Daniel Patrickson (ppatrickson at home.se)
Date: Tue Nov 11 07:56:52 EST 2003


   I am stuck on a problem.

   I am trying to create a list where two of the elements are lambda 
   expressions? Some thing like "'("an-item" 12 a-lambda-expr 

   Here is how I am defining it.

	(define a-thing
			(lambda (x y) (+ x y))
			(lambda (x y) (- x y))

   What I want to do with this construct is to retrieve the third item
   from a-thing, and the execute it with two arguments. This is 
   obvously not working, could anybody please tell me why?

Best Regards!
/Daniel Patrickson

Patricio Daniel Patrickson

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