[plt-scheme] Re: Writing directly to a floppy

From: Dor Kleiman (dor at ntr.co.il)
Date: Tue Nov 11 03:14:01 EST 2003

That seems to only be able to read from the floppy.
(open-input-file "\\\\.\\A:") does open a stream, and I have been able
with that to create an image of a diskette.
(open-output-file \\\\.\\A:) fails with some error message that I do not
remember and cannot tell you because I don't have internet access at
home right now (next time I'll make sure to unplug the modem as well
during lightning storms), and I don't have DrScheme installed at work.

Am I doing something wrong, is there a bug in DrScheme, or is that just
not supposed to work?

Thanks for the advice though,
Katsmall T. Wise, Esquire

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  For list-related administrative tasks:

Use "special" filenames like "\\.\A:"

see e.g.


(this article shows how to do this for NT style win32.  For DOS-based
win32, AFAICR, you need to do something different involving the VWIN32


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